Tom Steyer

2020 Democratic Presidential Candidate, Activist, Businessman

Dusty Baker

Founder, Baker Energy Group; Special Advisor to the San Francisco Giants

Lynn Doan

Team Leader, Power and Gas Americas, Bloomberg News

Russell Gold

Reporter, the Wall Street Journal; Author, Superpower: One Man's Quest to Transform American Energy

Jigar Shah

Founder, SunEdison; Co-Host, The Energy Gang

Mark Arax

Author, The Dreamt Land: Chasing Water and Dust Across California

Faith Kearns

Scientist, California Institute for Water Resources

Lois Quam

U.S. Chief Executive Officer, Pathfinder International

Amanda Little

Professor of Journalism, Vanderbilt University; Author, The Fate of Food

Jan Gehl

Architect and Founding Partner, Gehl Architects

Liz Ogbu

Founder + Principal, Studio O

Julia Olson

Executive Director at Our Children's Trust; Chief Legal Counsel for plaintiffs in Juliana v. U.S.