Sonia Aggarwal

Vice President, Energy Innovation

Sonia Aggarwal knows that clean energy solutions for the U.S. are well within reach. As vice president of Energy Innovation, Aggarwal leads initiatives to identify and design energy policies that will reduce emissions in the highest emitting countries around the world. Using a computer model developed in-house, Sonia and her team quantify the cost and emissions impacts that climate and energy policies have within a region, providing tailored advice on how to design these policies for maximum effectiveness.

In 2012, Aggarwal spearheaded the creation of America’s Power Plan, which produces and curates expert information for decision-makers—utility regulators, governors’ staffs, power system operators and many more—providing tailored advice on how to lead and support the transition to a decarbonized power system.

Prior to Energy Innovation, Aggarwal managed global research at ClimateWorks Foundation and advised on several clean energy initiatives. Sonia holds a B.S. from Haverford College in astronomy and physics, and an M.S. from Stanford University in engineering, focused on energy.

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