excerpted from What Now for California?
Recorded on December 2016

Climate One TV: Obama's Climate Legacy and a New Administration


As Donald Trump moves into the West Wing and the GOP takes control of congress, what will become of California’s environmental trailblazing? Joining Climate One, Christine Pelosi, a superdelegate for the Democratic Party. Also on the program political strategist Duf Sundheim, 2016 Republican Candidate for the U.S. Senate Tony Strickland, and Tony Thurmond a California State Assemblymember.

Also on the program one-on-one with Bill McKibben on the state of the environmental movement and President Obama's climate legacy.

Speakers at this Event

Vice-Chair, Democratic National Committee; Political Strategist

2016 Republican Candidate for U.S. Senate

Former California State Senator; California Chairman, The Committee for American Sovereignty

California State Assemblymember