Marco Krapels

Former VP, Tesla; Producer, Before the Flood

We’ve seen our clients particularly in the Valley that are predominantly Republican… being huge adopters of solar because it makes business sense. They always tell me, ‘Marco, we like the green that you guys think about in San Francisco, but the kind of green that we really care about is the green that ends up in my pocket.’ And it turns out they can have both.

Marco Krapels thinks that independence is giving people the technology and the economic wherewithal to be able to make their own power. As Executive Vice President at Rabobank, Krapels initiated notable sustainability efforts, including a project involving Tesla and SolarCity. This experience informed him when founding Empowered By Light, which is committed to encouraging the use of renewable energy technologies.

Krapels was a producer on Leonardo DiCaprio's film, Before the Flood and is also a co-founder of The Solutions Project, a U.S.-based non-profit focused on accelerating the transition to a 100% renewable energy economy.

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