Bryant Welch

Clinical Psychologist

Bryant Welch’s background as a prominent clinical psychologist and attorney has made him an invested advocate for human wellbeing during difficult political times. He recently reissued an updated 2018 version of his book, State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind, that describes the two-decade deterioration of the American mind and how it led to the election of Donald Trump and America’s increasingly bizarre political behavior.

Previously, Welch lived in Washington D.C. for seventeen years, and served as the first Executive Director for Professional Practice of the American Psychological Association. He oversaw organized psychology’s most successful advocacy era leading successful efforts to expand access to psychological care and using psychological understanding to combat human rights abuses in many settings. For these efforts he received numerous awards including an APA Presidential Citation for “seminal contributions to the field of psychology.” He has been an outspoken opponent of the APA’s recent involvement in human torture.

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