Amber Tamm

Farmer & Horticulturist

Amber Tamm Canty's life experiences weave together the interdisciplinary ways of working and healing with earth in full spectrum. The better part of her work has been in agriculture, but over the last four years she has come to possess knowledge in cannabis, farm education, permaculture, tropical agriculture, agroforestry, urban farming, floral arrangements and lastly the healing powers of the Earth.

Amber’s work is to guide communities near and far, especially low income and communities of color, to not just connect with earth but showcase pathways for careers working with the earth. It is her goal to make her peers aware that working with the earth can be a career path, not just a hobby and provide healing for personal trauma simultaneously.

Amber is currently based in NYC where she works as a horticulturalist, florist, mild landscaper and urban farmer/gardner. When she’s not doing this work you can catch her hosting American Sign Language Tours at The Whitney Museum of Art or babysitting for families all across NYC.