January 16th, 2018


Executive Director, California Academy of Sciences

Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science, Penn State University


Dr. Michael Mann will be awarded the seventh annual Stephen H. Schneider Award for Outstanding Climate Science Communication. The $15,000 award is given to a natural or social scientist who has made extraordinary scientific contributions and communicated that knowledge to a broad public in a clear and compelling fashion. The award was established in honor of Stephen Henry Schneider, one of the founding fathers of climatology who died suddenly in 2010.

Dr. Mann is well known due to his work on the now famous “hockey-stick” graph. The graph—a collaboration between Mann and several of his colleagues—plotted historic temperatures, and demonstrated the incredible influence humans have had in the 20th century. That put Dr. Mann in the crosshairs of climate change skeptics and he has been embroiled in several legal battles with conservatives. 

Dr. Jon Foley will join Dr. Mann and Greg Dalton in a conversation about attacks on science, the link between fossil fuels and hurricanes and wildfires, and how changing our diet can help cut carbon pollution. 

The Schneider Award is presented by Climate One, and underwritten by Michael Haas, and Tom R. Burns and Nora Machado.