May 25th, 2017


Senior Scientist, Director Grassroots Science Program, Pesticide Action Network

Filmmaker, Food Evolution

VP and Global R&D Lead, Monsanto Company

Environmental Health Program Manager, As You Sow


Are GMO advocates the new flat earthers? Are GMO opponents the new climate deniers?

Like many issues these days, the two sides are working from different sets of facts.

Monsanto and other supporters of GMOs say they can promote more nutritious crops, improve farmer livelihood, foster drought tolerance and flood resilience, reduce chemical pesticide use, end hunger and more.

Food advocates say those claims are false. They say GMOs promote industrial monoculture, concentrate corporate power in a few hands, and drive the use of glyphosate, which has been labeled a carcinogen by the World Health Organization’s cancer agency and is now the subject of a class action lawsuit in California.

A law passed last year requiring future labeling of GMOs displeased both critics and supporters.

Join us for a conversation about the science and the facts behind eating and labeling GMOs.