October 31st, 2017


Assistant Director, Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment

Board Member, Interfaith Power and Light

Musician, Bay Area Coordinator, Hip Hop Caucus


While solar panels and electric cars are typically associated with upper-class white folk, the transition to clean energy is also a civil rights issue. Communities of color often live closest to factories and refineries that spew toxic pollution. That’s one reason why polls show more African Americans and Latinos say climate is a serious concern than non-Hispanic whites. 

Rev. Dr. Gerald Durley works with Interfaith Power and Light, a group of religious leaders, across the country advocating for a cleaner and more inclusive economy. Mystic is a hip hop artist who spent time at the University of Cape Town in South Africa learning about climate change and it's effects on global communities.

Join us for a conversation about the climate and civil rights movements.