May 8th, 2017


Founder and Executive Director, Cool the Earth

Author, A Generation of Sociopaths

Professor, Graduate School of Education, Department of Psychology, U.C. Berkeley

Speaker on Sustainability and Resilience


Consumption-crazed baby boomers are leaving Millennials and Generation X with a mountain of debt and a destabilized climate. Bruce Gibney, a venture investor in Pay Pal, Facebook, Spotify, SpaceX and other tech companies, writes in his new book that boomers are a generation of sociopaths who betrayed America.  He notes that most climate deniers are aging boomers who won’t live to see the worst consequences and therefore don’t way to pay to address it.

But many boomers feel guilty about what they have done and are striving for redemption. They are trying to use their wealth and knowledge to engage younger people in climate solutions. That’s a hard conversation to have because young people today know they are inheriting a darker future than their parents had.

Join us for an intergenerational discussion about what you can do to make an impact and persuade the climate doubters in your life.