September 6th, 2017


Co-founder & CEO, Powerhouse

Producer, Director

CEO, Natel Energy


The solar industry has faced an uphill battle since its inception, competing with the established fossil fuel industries and their massive subsidies in addition to dealing with high production costs. But now the cost of solar is on par with fossil fuels, and business is growing at an increasingly rapid rate – predicted to be a $3.7 trillion industry by 2040. The rise of clean energy is happening, like it or not, and James Redford’s aptly named documentary, Happening, explores why.

Solar energy makes communities stronger and healthier while also creating jobs and profits. We bring Redford to the Climate One stage, along with Powerhouse CEO Emily Kirsch, to explore stories like how citizens in Nevada overturned an effort by the electric monopoly to block residential rooftop solar. Join a conversation about the innovation and good news that has become symbolic of the clean energy journey.