Climate Science: Hope & Worry
The historic climate summit in Paris is behind us. And nations around the world are turning their attention to the lofty promises made. Yet scientists and politicians agree that these goals for dialing back global warming are only the tip of the iceberg. With 2015 breaking the record for the hottest year ever, and 2014 holding the number two spot, plans for coping with an increasingly hot and dry world need to be part of the strategy as well. And facing this future can be scary, so we’ll also explore ideas for how to handle the anxiety and stress that many of us are feeling about all this.

Food and Climate Change
Our host Greg Dalton went to the climate summit in Paris to learn what food and energy solutions were being proposed – outside of the closed door negotiations. Coal made from grass. Burgers made from fruit. He came back with food for thought. When the Paris summit was over and the dust settled, Greg sat down with U.S. Secretary of Energy, Ernest Moniz, to get his perspective on the summit’s success – and the prospects for countries actually making good on their promises. Innovating our way to a clean economy, on Climate One.

Cars of the Future
We’ll never win the climate change challenge if we don’t change the way we make and drive cars. In the U.S. personal vehicles account for nearly one fifth of all our greenhouse gas emissions. And if you add in trucks, trains, planes and ships, it’s more than a quarter of our contribution to climate pollution. So how do we cut down on carbon coming out of the tailpipe? Or... maybe it’s time to give up on gasoline altogether. Is the carbon-free, electric vehicle ready for primetime? 


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